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Filthy today,
for a cleaner tomorrow. 

The man behind the filth. 

Dustin DuBois is the Founder of Filthy Organics. He is an entrepreneur, veteran and former Navy SWCC. Serving in the United States Navy, he was stationed in San Diego. Here he became submerged in the California culture and found the importance of recycling and sustainable living. He has since carried these principles and ideas back to Florida, where he resides on a plot of land with his wife, 2 sons, a dog, a few chickens and lots of bees. 

Our Mission


Filthy Organics is a passion project started to help mend the circle of food waste and disposal.

Our Vision is to enrich the land and our food by returning valuable nutrients back into the soil. Diverting food waste into compost piles reduces landfill waste and it’s harmful emissions. Composting enriches soil, increases its moisture content, reduces plant pests and the need for harmful chemical fertilizers. The benefits are monumental. We just have to sort out the filth.

Career & Volunteer


Whether you need community service hours, want to learn the process, or just want to get down right filthy, we always welcome volunteers!



Career opportunities coming soon!

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