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       Compost Collection

Don't let your leftovers go to waste!

Filthy Organics collects ALL of your organic food waste, once a week, from your doorstep. We then produce finished compost that, if desired, will be returned to your doorstep twice a year.  Our services are available in Broward and Palm Beach County, Florida. Join us to be part of the solution; become a member of the Filthy Organics Compost Community!!

Our curbside compost is the most convenient way to make sure your food scraps turn into rich soil instead of rotting at the landfill. Collect your food scraps in your kitchen bin, transfer it to your curbside bin every week, we will pick up your household kitchen food scraps and take them to our farm where our composting process will turn everything into rich compost. Together we can close the loop in our food and waste management system and work toward a healthier planet. 

We offer curbside pickup for $40/month. 


  • Weekly food scrap pick up

  • Curbside bin

  • Compostable bags

  • Finished compost 2x a year

  • A happy & healthier planet

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