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Terms of Service

Service Provider: Filthy Organics, LLC.


Service Description:

● All food waste will be collected and transported to Filthy Organics composting location to be processed into compost.

● On the client’s porch, or pre-determined location, buckets will be swapped with sanitary ones or emptied and cleaned on-site.

● Collection schedules will be amended when necessary to adhere to inclement weather.

● If you cancel a pick-up within 72 hours of a scheduled visit, you will not receive a refund.

● Filthy Organics reserves the right to cancel service on any given day due to extreme weather, unsafe road conditions, holidays, or operational gripes.         You will be notified of such a cancellation and you will be refunded for the cancelled visit.

● Signage will be provided upon request to help with in-house collection.


Materials Filthy Organics will provide:

● 5-gal collection bucket, lid, and liner.

● Signage when necessary and upon request.


Service Pricing:

● (1) 5-Gal bucket will be serviced at $30 per month for weekly collection. (additional bins and locations may be added for an additional fee).                            Additional buckets will be charged $10 per bucket


Unsuccessful payment via Moonclerk:

● Filthy Organics uses Moonclerk as our third-party payment system. Customers always have the option to access their own payment plan to make             adjustments. Filthy Organics will provide them with a link that allows customers to retrieve a secure, unique link of your own so you can manage and         update your own recurring plan. 

● After one unsuccessful attempt at billing the credit or debit card on file, Filthy Organics will pick-up their bucket on the next service date only to return      an empty bucket after the payment has been received and payment details rectified. Filthy Organics and Client Responsibilities - We work together to        make this service sanitary and to reduce problems.

● Filthy Organics will correct any service problems as soon as possible if they arise.

● All food debris will be promptly cleaned up if outside of bin and collection area will be left tidy upon each bin service.

● Clients are responsible for bin upkeep and damage due to negligence.

● All material should be inside bin for collection days.

● Filthy Organics is not responsible for problems that arise from misuse of collection bins and improper collection habits.

● Filthy Organics subscribers are responsible for pausing their collection service through Moonclerk’s manage accounts feature ( when they are out of town, or unable to set bucket out for collection.


Terms: Contamination

● Client is responsible for promoting proper collection habits with staff. Contamination will not incur a fee, however will be communicated directly with         client to avoid future issues. Filthy Organics has the ability to cancel service if contamination continues to be an issue after repeated offenses. Typically,     Filthy Organics follows a three-strike rule, giving two initial reminders to educate clients on acceptable items, and the third time it occurs, canceling           service.

● Client is responsible for any lost or stolen Filthy Organics bucket, and will be charged a $10 bucket replacement fee. Cancellation Policy

● Client must provide 30 days’ notice prior to cancellation date to allow for Filthy Organics to schedule last collection and submit final invoices. All final        invoices must be paid within 30 days of submission to avoid external collection services. Service Problems

● Clients should communicate any service problems immediately with Filthy Organics to help us fix them. Problems from our team will be promptly              corrected and not charged to client. Problems that result from misuse of collection bins and improper collection habits will be charged at regular rates.

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